Benefits of Youth Sports

Participants of youth sports build self-esteem, develop talent, learn skills, make friends and bring the family and community together.

Youth sports also provide leadership opportunities for parents by becoming a coach. Players are able to channel their energy into a healthy activity of exercise and fitness, which will benefit the player throughout their life.

Program Info

Majority of the games are played on Saturdays, unless facilities are unavailable, then games will be played on Sunday. No need to do any fund-raising and no team assessment fee is required! Parents will be expected to be involved with their child’s team.

  • All coaches are parent volunteers.
  • All skill levels welcome.
  • Guaranteed playing time each game.
  • Teams are formed by zip code and closest school.
  • Teams will practice 1-2 times per week.
  • Make sure you provide an email address that will be checked regularly.
  • Practice facilities not included with registration.
  • Game schedules are released online the Wednesday before the first game.
  • Jersey is included with registration.
  • No refunds.
  • No fund-raising or team assessment fee is required!
  • League coordinators have authority to adjust league age divisions,  as necessary.
  • Tournament weekend played on Saturday and Sunday (depending on placement and age group.) 


We believe in family involvement that require parents to participate in the operation of their child’s team by volunteering to coach or assist with practices or other operational duties.

Wish to volunteer? You can sign up on our registration flyer or online!


NYS does not provide practice facilities and are not guaranteed. Teams are formed by closest school or zip code proximity. Area coordinators have authority to adjust league age divisions as necessary.

Each team decides practice times and locations, allowing for 1 to 3 practices per week. Indoor and lighted practice facilities may be available at an additional cost. Requested practice times cannot be honored.

All coaches are parent volunteers.


All registration fees pay for the operation of the league. They cover game jersey, liability insurance, Saturday facility and field rentals, site directors/officials and other administrative expenses. The NYS league is sponsored by a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and receives no government funding or subsidization. Also there is no additional fundraising required such as selling candy bars, etc.

Items NOT covered are optional uniform accessories, photo packages and participation trophies, unless otherwise stated.

Some leagues have tournaments with trophies associated, but it may require an additional cost.

Game jersey is included, unless otherwise stated under sport description.

All coaches are parent volunteers.